Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I struggle to come to terms with a statistic I saw the other day; over 50% of American citizens believe in angels operating on Earth.

Over 50%. I realize by chastising this, I’ll be alienating half the nation, but if over 50% of the population believed in unicorns, there would be a lot more attention drawn to it. So why are angels different from any other supernatural, intangible or mythical being? Goblins, leprechauns, or genies never get any attention. Show any hint that you could even remotely believe in one of these beings, and you’ll be laughed out of any sane and reasonable forum. But claim a belief in angels, and apparently half the population will welcome you with open arms.

So is it because angels are Biblical beings? More than two-thirds of our population is Christian, so if they believe in God I might see why it would be reasonable to assume they believe in angels, too. But why don’t people believe in demons operating on Earth? Wouldn’t it make sense that, maintaining the balance of the world, some sort of malevolent being would have to exist in order to counteract the angels?

But faith can never be disproven by logic. So let’s assume that angels do exist. Why would they operate they way they do? I’ve heard of people surviving terrible car accidents thanking their guardian angels for letting them escape unscathed. So was it your guardian angel that got the other driver drunk or made you swerve into the other lane? Or was that one of the demons? So what if you were paralyzed in the car crash—would you blame that on demons or coincidence? 1700 children die of hunger every hour. Every. Fucking. Hour. Where are their guardian angels? Apparently making sure you don’t get scraped from operating your Cadillac negligently.

Forgive me if I intrude upon your cherished beliefs. But I don’t find angels to be reasonable beings. There is no more support for the existence of angels than there is for fairies or satyrs or griffins—or especially their demonic counterparts. And even if they did exist, I think they would or at least should be helping the people that really need it—not wasting pseudo-miracles on the ignorant, spoiled, fatass religious adherents that seem to be overwhelming this country.

Wow, I sound like an asshole. But why hold back? Maybe my angel’s on vacation.


  1. Really interesting post! And i must say i agree completely with you. Actually scary that over 50% of Americans people in angels. No offense, but that just confirms how stupid most americans are.

  2. what i find is odd is what makes it right to respect insane ideas simply because it is someones religion?

  3. I would also like to mention (and maybe you should do a post on it) that philosophically...there might be proof for A god or atleast logic for it. HOWEVER, that does not at all mean it is the Abrahamic (read christian, muslim or jew) god or any other, but more of an IDEA of a supreme being. Descartes's ideas are very interesting.

  4. >Show any hint that you could even remotely believe in one of these beings, and you’ll be laughed out of any sane and reasonable forum

    Actually in my country most of the people take imps as real, it's really difficult to ignore their existence when your relatives/friends/coworkers have seen one at least once in their lives...

  5. Just showing my support by stopping by. That's really awesome btw.

  6. Majority rules. Christianity in all it's form wins when it comes to religion here in "AMERICA." *Says in proud hillbilly voice*

    Since the majority of Americans aren't open to fantasy and other spiritual beliefs, those who are open are giggled at for being stupid.