Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I don’t understand the fascination with alcohol. I don’t enjoy the taste of it, but I can understand if someone does. What really confuses me is how people enjoy the drunkenness. So many people, especially those my age, go out every weekend with the sole intention of losing their ability to make conscious decisions and behave in an acceptable manner. It’s like saying to yourself, “You know what? I feel like becoming an asshole for a few hours.”

This of course doesn’t even mention the vomiting, the hangovers, the sick feeling you get throughout the evening, or the gluttonous amount of calories contained in most alcoholic beverages. It serves no real function other than perhaps to cognitively distort. So why are so many people engaging with it so violently and so regularly? Is there really no other excuse people can have to get together?

Sometimes I think it’s for people who are incapable of making meaningful human interaction on their own. Either they’re too self-conscious to mingle without some sort of inhibition-releaser in their system, or they’re just too unsophisticated, inexperienced, or otherwise retarded to come up with any decent hobby or social gathering. These are the people you typically find repeating variations of “dude… I’m soooooo drunk… hrm… ugh… dude, I’m wasted…” This lack of articulation remains solid evidence for that retardation assertion I made.

People call it an escape from their troubles. But it’s a goddamn depressant. And most people’s troubles are rooted in lacking relationships or money issues. With alcohol oftentimes worsening current relationships and draining away money, these problems can only grow worse. And if these people spent some time working or researching or seeking other solutions, the problems might actually go away instead of simply being masked by the obliviousness of intoxication. Want an escape? Read a book, or have a meaningful conversation with somebody.

I’m just sick and tired of this country’s college population’s obsession with consuming alcohol. It solves nothing. It produces nothing positive. It’s an excuse for people to act foolishly and brag about it; it’s a substitute for dunces who lack the diversity or the intelligence to pursue something meaningful. It’s a barbaric waste of money, time, and human potential.

That’s all.


  1. Well, speaking as someone who has never nor has any plans to drink alcohol, I wouldn't say the stuff is -that- bad.
    Certainly, the stuff has some unpredictable consequences of consuming, and it is better to do without in my opinion. However, people are only people. The way you put it, "I feel like being an asshole for a few hours" is pretty accurate. We're animals, and acting civilly day in and day out means constantly repressing some of our various urges (ranging from sexual to just yelling "wooo" at the top of our lungs.) People generally want to release these urges, and alcohol is the way to do it.

    In the end, people just want to relax and "play" before they go back to the drudgery of their work. I prefer video games, but some others don't know how to have fun without following a crowd and/or losing their inhibitions a bit. I think that's the real problem.

  2. I don't think Alcohol as such is bad. I would say that it is better in moderation, as are most things anyways.

  3. I don't like alcohol, because is expensive and taste awful, and I think I'm the only one in my city who thinks a can of soda tastes better.
    However as my old boss said to me, the best sales take place in parties with lots of alcohol

  4. I dont drink myself, but I have a bunch of friends who do :/

  5. Sometimes I see your topics and think to myself, "Pretty sure this guy is just am male version of myself." It's almost scary how much we've got in common.

    I pretty much share the same opinion of alcohol. It taste like ass juice.I'm 22 and those my age are all about going out and getting trashed. Those who aren't only share my opinion of alcohol because they're ridiculously religious or sheltered, so I can't relate to these folks either.

    I remember when I was in highschool and my pals were like, "It's not a party without booze." So I replied, "Maybe you guys just aren't entertaining..." They basically ostracized me after that. A year after we graduate I asked one pal how the group was doing, his reply was, "Well we stopped hanging out after we realized all we had in common was drinking."

    I can't say anything you haven't already said. Thanks for showing me I'm not some weird damaged person.