Friday, February 18, 2011


I don’t understand why people smoke. I’d be offering no new knowledge or unique arguments by rambling about all the toxins and dangers that cigarettes offer, so I’ll skip that part and get to my (somewhat) worthwhile point.

Someone came into my main place of work today complaining of a bacterial infection that was negatively affecting their lungs. This person coughed most of the day, and I genuinely felt sorry for them until I walked outside a few hours later and witnessed said person smoking a cigarette. I understand nicotine is addictive, and that even a person who wants to quit with every fiber of their being can find it near impossible to give up the habit. But it seems to me the generations that didn’t have access to tangible evidence of tobacco’s harm are long past, and anybody that’s picked up smoking in the last 40 years or so has had no legitimate reason for doing so. This has led to me to essentially abandon any sort of sympathy I would have felt for the inferior health of all smokers. Addiction is a serious and difficult issue that complicates matters, but for the most part I see people like that previously mentioned person, standing outside putting poison in their lungs and wondering why the hacking fits won’t stop.

Another issue I’ve been having is smoke breaks. I work at a restaurant part-time for extra money, and every shift I’m there, at least four or five people take multiple smoke breaks—on the clock. Being a non-smoker, I get no equivalent kind of break. While I suppose there are greater inequalities I could complain about in the workplace, I do feel that something should be done to balance it out. If I was addicted to sex, would I be allowed a handful of free ten minute masturbation breaks? Frankly, I think I could make a powerful argument. Perhaps I shall try to seek a middle ground with management. Since I have no truly hindering addictions to use as an excuse, I might make the case for something equally arbitrary. Perhaps a yo-yo break or a four leaf clover-hunting break.

We shall see.


  1. Yea I totaly get what you are saying. I dont understand people sometimes... its like 'i have nothing incomon with them, im gonna start smoking with them'

    Also girls that smoke is a huge turn off for most guys :/

  2. A general break for everyone that smokers could use for smoking could probably solve your second issue...
    Apart from that, I geuss it is a choice about how you are living your life. Of course one might change their mind after the lung cancer hits, but really I don't know why people smoke. I'm not a smoker.

  3. Lol at the 10 minutes masturbation break.

    Well I think we all have habits that slowly kill us, but with smoking is dangerous for the people who is near the smoker, that's what I hate.

  4. Just say you're taking a smoke break and then go do...
    whatever you want (:
    (alone so no one sees you not actually smoking.)

    What bothers me is people being totally inconsiderate with their second hand smoke. People that blow their smoke into crowds and don't even think to consider children or pregnant women or people with lung conditions absolutely positively irreversibly infuriate me.

  5. We had the same thing going on in our work place; people were taking 10 min smoke breaks here and there. However, non-smokers got no break even if working an 8+ hour shift. Thankfully, the owners non-smoking daughter started working in the company, so we magically got our justice to our own 15 min breaks.

    I'm aware a lot of businesses still only give those breaks to smokers, though. Please do bring it up! And if push comes to shove, ask for a cig off someone and just have it on your hand when you take your breaks. Granted, I'm sure this is one of those cases where you'd rather bring it up and fight the fun battle. Hell, I bet this is something the News would be all over; if I were you I'd make a huge publicity deal about it for shits and giggles.