Saturday, February 12, 2011


I think the GEC system needs to be reworked, at least the way it functions at our university. If you aren’t familiar, GEC stands for General Education Curriculum, and sets the minimum standard class requirements for graduating across any major.

I like the idea of the GEC. I really do. I feel it allows people to graduate from university with a diversified background of knowledge, ascending people to a higher level of all-around fortitude rather than a pigeonholed field of specialty the way trade schools can sometimes work. I also feel that it presents an amazing opportunity for incoming students to explore opportunities of possible interest that they might otherwise forgo. After all, most college students end up changing their major several times throughout their career—so why not help subdue that indecisiveness with a plethora of diverse classes, and help give students a more in-depth acquaintance with as many different areas as possible?

However, I feel like the system of requirements is far too rigid. You’re forced into specific classes, especially as you get further into your degree program. I feel like GEC requirements should be categorized more broadly. A “physical science” course should be required instead of a “two-level consecutive introductory chemical-based course that includes a lab.” Of course I’m biased, being a fourth year English major that’s forced into taking an upper-level Chemistry course that will provide me with essentially no useful information in my future career field, but my point is still valid. Virtually everybody I know is at some point required to take a course that provides almost no practical information for their given field. If the range of options were broadened, perhaps they could find a course more relevant to them or their chosen field.

As it stands right now, the system does help to diversify the majority of incoming students. But it definitely needs to be reworked in order to ensure its relevance. I’m one of many, many students that feels they are wasting their time and money by attending a class that has nothing to do with their future career.

But it’s my last quarter of study, so I suppose my endeavor will not last long.


  1. I tried googling for a bit, but Giant Enemy Crab? Don't think that's what you mean. But from the sound of it, it sounds pretty okay, but, like said, needs some fixes

  2. I think that by university level you should have chosen a topic to specialise in. This is why I don't like the American system in general, as a Brit.

  3. It's the same with the LACC, Liberal Arts Core Curriculum :/

  4. General Ed is the bane of many a college student's existence. Take something like cultural anatomy and history and thank yourself later. We all learn useless shit in college only to feed the teachers of useless subjects. It's not like the college can fire them, we don't live in a capitalist based society or anything. If people keep adhering to the policy it won't change.

  5. Gen Ed is flawed in and of itself. It need to be replaced. If it was a little more specific, cost would go down, student count would go up, and the collective intelligence would rise. We all know that last part is the best.

  6. Don't get me started on this topic... I'm Pre-Med and taking a World History class that was easier than 5th Grade World History is just... GAH!!!

    $200 for books WITH THE SAME INFORMATION AS MY HIGHSCHOOL BOOKS!!!! So much money down the drain... ;_;