Friday, February 25, 2011


I think pornography is the target of a lot of criticism. Common arguments against its distribution include inciting unnaturally forceful sexual urges, drawing away from current relationships (which could also lead to an obsession), and the objectification or degradation of women. I don’t look at pornography with any regularity, but I’ve watched my share of it in the past and I have to say I think these arguments have poor evidence.

I think pornography helps curb unnaturally forceful sexual urges, rather than encourage them. I’ve heard people make the claim that people who view pornographic films are more likely to engage in rape or other form of sexual abuse. I’m not going to make the claim that there’s no evidence for this since I don’t have the study handy, but I do believe there is a lack of research that can prove this connection. I remember seeing somewhere (again, this is invalid since I’m not producing a link) that the higher access a population has to pornography, the lower the rate of sex-related crimes. I think it serves as a safe release for urges that are already there, not a risk for creating new ones.

I could see where porn could take away from relationships, but this works on a much more individual basis. People with an addictive personality could easily lose themselves in the vast availability of videos and images, especially now with the ubiquity and anonymity of the internet. But I think porn could be a healthy outlet for built-up sexual tension or even as a mutual breeder of desire—as they say, it doesn’t matter where you get the appetite as long as you come home to eat.

The degradation of women? Sure, there are lots of shockingly abusive videos out there. But every woman featured in a pornographic film has fully consented to its contents and been reimbursed accordingly. Objectification? Men (and in many cases, women) have always and will always be lustful for the sex to which they’re attracted. Take away the videos and the images, and we’ll still be thinking about bare breasts and vaginas, and fantasizing about equally scandalous situations. But thinking about someone sexually doesn’t instantly and immediately remove all hopes of truly loving someone. It’s possible that lustful obsession can be manifested from physical desire, but again I think this functions on an individual basis.

For the most part I’d say the problems people say originate with pornography either have no correlation or would exist no matter what. So watch on guilt-free, fappers!


  1. Heh. I was just watching Penn and Teller's Bullshit segment on this.

    As a 22 year old female, I can say that I am so grateful for the easy access to pornography today. I know nobody likes to use the "Masturbation" word, but it's aided in helping me to prevent myself from making poor relationship decisions because of my sex drive.

    I love how people blame porn on their relationship being in shambles. In my opinion, if it wasn't the porn that ruined it then I am sure something else would have eventually ruined it if you're relationship can be affected by Porn.

    I could rant about this topic for hours, so I'll get off my soapbox now.

  2. I agree, thats why they call them movies. Is not real.

  3. Hm. I've looked at porn regularly since I was 12 and it hasn't harmed me. I think. Arguments against porn tend to be made by people who are ashamed of anything even remotely sexual.

  4. I think that it keeps a lot of men faithful. Everyone has a natural curiosity in exploring new things, sex included. Even the best of men can be overcome with temptation presented by another woman. Porn, while sometimes hurtful to a relationship, can also prove as a helpful deterrent from extramarital affairs. Many men find that the occasional porno keeps these temptations at bay. If porn keeps a guy from cheating where he otherwise would have, then I'd say people who dislike it should think twice.

  5. >So watch on guilt-free, fappers!
    I will, dude.

  6. So true! glad I'm following you.

  7. Whats interesting about the porn industry is how it's be hit hard by the internet. (serious fucking disruptive technology for the industry). Many other organisations in different industries got bailouts (Ford, GM and Chrysler got Goverment bailouts). But the porn industry didn't, and I'm postive it brought shit loads of tax for the government. I think it's also important to note since the uprise in internet use, alot of people would rather see amatuer porn and not professional. Still degrading women? I don't think so. (I should get a source for this lol)
    I think that sums up the general publics stance on porn. I don't see anything wrong with it.
    I also think that alot of younger women who get into porn aren't mature enough to make those desicions, sure you're an adult by law but how many people can say they were mentally an adult at 18?

  8. Everything needs some moderation, even pornography.

  9. the degradation of women bit is interesting one. From my own personal sexual experiences i have found many women seriously enjoy some form of degradation in the bedroom either calling them a "dirty slut" or even being semi violent. I think it has something to do with masochistic fetish but it seems far to common to be a simple fetish and could be a socio-psychological phenomenon.